Have you ever dreamed of being alive during a Time in which Financial Consciousness was returned to the masses?

Can you envision yourself in the Tip of a Technology Wave that is now forming a Towering Tsunami filled with a new type of computing experience and education that stands to change everything we had confused about Commerce and Money too?

Our National and Global Community requires Currency to exchange Energy. Do you see the electrical connection between Energy and Money now?

Is it possible to imagine that such a massive change in macro awareness can come via a small and simple spreadsheet based software system that was seemingly designed to educate and fulfill the needs of Small Business People?

Thank goodness we're all just Small Business People in our own Commercial Plays. That makes this a LOT easier!

With the latest in Technology, cloud based spreadsheets may seem like a step back to some when in fact it will appear that way for only those without an eye to see.

This is the bridge to Unix Based, Lower Cost Computing and far greater Technology Privacy many have been preaching about and searching for for decades now.

This is the excuse to make all of that and more a reality. Do you know what the implications of this really are?

These websites are not bound by Language. They can be interpreted on the fly in hundreds of different languages.

This educational software can be run from any Windows, Mac or Unix O/S driven machine, because it only requires a simple browser for access, AND because it's FREE to all for LIFE.

It even works with the latest in Raspberry Pi's. It's a bit slow on those, but a viable option for learning if that's all a budget allows.

And do you know what that means?

It's time to Educate the World.

What we have to offer is so unique, it will take a little time for all to embrace a new reality.

No Catches. No Tricks. Heck. No user account required for access to any of the Education or Software.

It's World Class Education and Open Source Bookkeeping Software and it's all FREE, BUT YOU, the COMMUNITY in your Community will need to support your own Users, as we are mere publishers of content and nothing more.

We work for tips. Please remember to tip well and tip often.

And Spread the Word.