We offer an entire suite of Bookkeeping and Accounting Education and Software Templates. The Bookkeeping Module is one of the more complex and we promote it the most because it's the easiest for folks to compartmentalize and compare out to. There are many reasons individuals such as yourself might want to Learn Bookkeeping. It goes WAY BEYOND learning more about long addition and subtraction. WAY BEYOND THAT. It has nothing to do with Debits and Credits either. We leave those out of our front ends completely because they aren't required there anymore. Heck, you can even turn them off on the back-end to prove to yourself what they do and don't do...

The last three Small Business People who expressed interest in learning Bookkeeping said that PRIVACY, CONTROL, and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT were their three top motivating factors. Massive COST SAVINGS was just a HUGE bonus.

When it came to the question of TIME SAVINGS, they all got a bit confused.

They struggled to understand how doing the work themselves could possibly save them time too.

It was only when they became proficient that they started to understand the Bookkeepers' Deeper Secrets.

Intuit and Quickbooks has been around for more than 30 years. Sometimes it's a sub par solution from the get go that traps everyone in odd ways.

Intuit has money coming in from Millions and Millions of Small Business People, yet few paying customers truly like their solutions?

Why hasn't there been a better solution offered?

Everyone was looking to others for a solution when it was in a spreadsheet the entire time, just waiting to be Revealed.