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We are a publisher of Content NOT a Software Vendor. What does that mean?

  • It means we don't offer any Technical Support.

  • It means we have no Customer Service.

  • It means we can't tell you how well or poorly our products are doing from formal feedback.

It means communities of Coaches, Consultants and Educators must form to help with introduction, setup and basic education for those who can't or won't learn from written material or other information we have to offer.

It means communities of Coaches, Consultants and Educators must form to help with troubleshooting issues when people need help.

  • We can envision paid networks where Coaches, Consultants and Educators have small fees for belonging to Facebook Groups or comparable for questions, support and continuing education.

  • We can envision the same running setup courses on a weekly or monthly basis for 2 to 10 people at a time. Maybe more depending on their own support networks.

But that's not all

It gives Churches, Religious Groups, Atheist Groups and other Non-profits all the Curriculum and Tools they need to get into the Fee Based or FREE education realm for their own congregations and benefactors too.

It also gives every Educational Institution we have starting with Middle School on up zero excuses to continue to produce the Accounting Illiterate popluations as they have been doing now for many decades. With intention.

As a National and Global Community currently without Accounting Literacy, massive portions of our population continue to separate more and more from those who had the Good Fortune of Accumulating and Retaining money. It's one thing to deny Good Fortune. It's another to raise a populous that is Financially Blind by Intention, and it's time for the latter to fade away.

The Source of All Money...

From where does money come? Does it grow on trees? Of course not.

  • Money comes from machines that press metal into coins.

  • Money comes from machines that print on very special paper.

  • Money comes from Federal Bankers changing a field in a database table, that is easiest thought of as a spreadsheet.

  • Money may also now come to from Commercial Bankers changing database fields too?! Oy Vey.

  • And of course, then there are the Counter-Fitters too. As always.

So who controls the volume of money in Circulation?

  • Can you imagine playing the game of Monopoly where players could bring money into the game that was not distributed by the banker?

  • What might happen in such a game? How would it ever end? What would all the players who got put out early do until someone figured out how to end the game?

  • Who is supposed to control the volume of money in Circulation?

  • Is there one person or one group in each country that does all their own management?

  • Does every country have a sovereign say over their own domain? If not, why not and who does and how does that affect them?

As a Global Community of 8 Billion is this not a good analogy for our current Commercial Quagmire?

  • Can we have any conversations about any of this if people do NOT know what an Income Statement or more importantly, a Balance Sheet is?

Do most now finally realize the volume to which our problems stem from "creation, distribution and redistribution of money" yet ?

  • Please say yes....

The people at "the FED" are constantly talking about their "Balance Sheet".

  • They are increasing and decreasing items on their "Balance Sheet".

  • What items are they increasing and decreasing?

  • What did they have to do to get those items?

  • What do we pay a group of mysteriously private owners of that institution for their "magical money management" services? How are they paid?

  • Do they actually control money generation at our banks too or has that slipped from their control?

  • Exactly how much counterfeiting is going on and has that become a problem of immesurable concern?

  • What did we really say to our Global Commercial Community when we left the Gold Standard many decades ago? Wasn't that really a giant F-U to all other countries around the Globe? If so why? If not, why not? And if you were all the other countries around the globe what would you have done to get even or restore balance? And just how far would you have gone to achieve it?

Can you have these conversations with ease?

Can you have these conversations at all?

  • If you can't talk about a Balance Sheet and the Role a Privately Owned Federal Bank plays in our Economic System, there's no way to have any Conversations of Value at all.

  • NOW do you see why learning Bookkeeping and Accounting in a Transparent Spreadsheet Based Double Entry Accounting System is really so darn relevant?

  • We all need a refresher on the Personal and Micro Scale first so we can then "figure out" what on Earth we're going to do with this massive fur ball called Globalism and a run away money supply that keeps creating more and more separation between the greedy and the care nots!!

  • If you want your kids to have a prayer at a life of Freedom, it really is just this simple.

The Voting Electorate use to be Accounting Literate...

{Excerpt from David Wilcock Book here}

Universal Basic Income

Without Universal Basic Income (UBI), this place is doomed. Mad Max will look like Paradise!

With it, this place can bloom in ways not seen in many moons, but let's do educate the folks too? That makes it all a lot more fun.

As UBI rolls out, it only makes sense to educate people on what tools they have available to learn to budget and manage their money. Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in the Game of Commerce. And everyone deserves the opportunity to make mistakes and try again, which is what UBI offers that is not guaranteed any other way. The children of the wealthy make mistakes just like everyone else. The difference? Their parents typically help them to try and try again, and that's what creates the biggest differences over time.

To the surprise of those with lots of money, most of us aren't here to be Millionaires of the financial kind. Most don't mind serving others and many don't mind doing work others don't want to do. After all, that's what we all came down here to do. What's the fun in doing this out there, where were all equally conscious? It's a lot more fun here where we each don varying cloaks of clouds, but that's only the case if you can get the money supply right.

What we have to offer goes WAY, WAY, WAY beyond Bookkeeping Software. This ZAP Accounting Software suite is tiny blip on our Support Map.

As Doctor Seuss might say, "Oh the places we can go!!"

What do we need to do to get you up to speed?

You tell us what you need, and tell us what you can pay for training or support and let's put something together that makes commercial sense for everyone.

Help us Design Commerce for the New Age.

It starts with Bookkeeping. From there, the Sky's the Limit.